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dc.contributor.authorVinent Cárdenas, Maria
dc.contributor.authorMartín Piñol, Carolina
dc.contributor.authorGustems Carnicer, Josep
dc.identifier.citationVinient Cárdenas, M., Gustems Carnicer, J., & Martín Piñol, C. (2015, 30 septiembre). Museos y modelos de comunicación. Recuperado 9 enero, 2015, de
dc.identifier.issn1695-8403 / e-ISSN: 2254-7592
dc.description.abstractCommunication is one of the key elements in the museum and that relates to its educational capacity, presence and impact in an area. Communication is pre-visit and exerts a major complaint and informs the interest of visitors to the museum. This article analyzes the main elements for establishing communication links with the public. To do a refresher two communications models, one focusing on information and another to emotion and ritualization is made. The problems facing the cultural industry must address the mission of museums and their distance to profit from other institutions, which puts them at some risk regarding their future. In addition to analyzing the usual channels of advertising and marketing applied to museums, to establish market research and brand image as technique of identity and appreciation of each museum. The components of the collections are analyzed by classical communication scheme derived from Saussure. The main features, historical development and differences between displays and exhibitions are also reported. Some elements of communication are described by internet to finish as a tool for present and future to ensure the survival of museums and their collections.es_MX
dc.publisherEARI Educación Artística Revista de Investigaciónes_MX
dc.publisherEARI Educación Artística Revista de Investigaciónes_MX
dc.publisherEARI Educación Artística Revista de Investigaciónes_MX
dc.subjectComunicación de la culturaes_MX
dc.subjectMarketing culturales_MX
dc.titleMuseos y modelos de comunicaciónes_MX
dc.typeArtículo de revista científica indexadaes_MX
dc.contributor.universityUniversidad del atlánticoes_MX
dc.publication.typeLibro científicoes_MX
dc.publication.magazineCientífica arbitrada indexadaes_MX

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    Recursos informativos cuyas temáticas están relacionados con teorías, metodologías, experiencias y casos de desarrollo, mediación, promoción y creación artística.

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