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dc.contributor.authorGarcía Ferrando, Urko Álex
dc.identifier.citationGarcía, U.. (2015). Un marco teórico inclusivo. Teoría de los Marcos de género. octubre 22, 2019, de eari educación artística revista de investigación Sitio web:
dc.identifier.issn1695-8403 / e-ISSN: 2254-7592
dc.identifier.issn1695-8403 / e-ISSN: 2254-7592
dc.description.abstractThe article exposed here analyzes the political distribution of precariousness and violence, wich is carried out dependant on social rules operating in a restrictive way. This article emphasizes the gravity of the problems wich this concrete way of proceeding produces, given that this simulates that people make use on their privileges to detriment of their potentials and, therefore, their privileges of their responsibility and their freedom. To show this concrete way of proceeding, I expose the Theory of Gender Frameworks, wich gets to the bottom of three diferrent categories of woan / "women" who are applied different ways forms of discrimination and violence emanated from a common root, the tracendence of the Gender Frameworks assigned at birth. The categories of woman / "women" exposed here are established as mark of discrimination, not as a freely chosen identity, and for this reason, variability of the subject woman / "women" only is suitable for getting to the bottom of the common root of discrimination wich everybody bears to a greater or lesser extent and wich anchor its bases in paradigms of sexist and male chauvinist character. Eventually, the GFT explains a series of conceptual and methodological qualifications wich allow exploring how art is seen like a safe scene of expression to the trans collective, like means to transform their reality which categorizes them and like means to trascend their ownreality as livelihood.es_MX
dc.titleUn marco teórico inclusivo. Teoría de los Marcos de géneroes_MX
dc.typeArtículo de revista científica indexadaes_MX
dc.contributor.universityUniversidad de Zarargozaes_MX
dc.publication.typeLibro científicoes_MX
dc.publication.magazineCientífica arbitrada indexadaes_MX

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