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dc.contributor.authorVidagañ, Maria
dc.contributor.authorSoria, Verónica
dc.contributor.authorLozano, Neus
dc.identifier.issn1695-8403 / e-ISSN: 2254-7592
dc.description.abstractThe following paper aims to identify possible common spaces between art and education, departing from the art project Mapa dels Desitjos1 (Map of Wishes), by the collective Cràter. The project took place in the framework of the 17 Show of Public Art / Public University at University of Valencia. Mapa dels desitjos emerged from the idea of asking members of the university community about how they would organize their lives if they did not have to consider any economic constraints, and then making their answers public. Based on this experience, we analyze and reflect on four questions that structure our analysis: What paralels are there between the roles of artist/audience and teacher/student? How is the space used? What role does time play? What is the knowledge being generated? Through the relationships between these elements, present both in art as well as in education, we engage in some reflections on educational concepts that are in continuous development, such as expanded education (Díaz et al., 2012), collateral learning (González, del Rincón, Bonilla & Sáez, 2012) and hidden curriculum (Freire, 1975).es_MX
dc.subjectEducación artísticaes_MX
dc.titleArte y Educación: Espacios comunes. Reflexiones en torno a la práctica artística Mapa dels desitjoses_MX
dc.typeArtículo de revista científica indexadaes_MX
dc.contributor.universityUniversidad de Zaragozaes_MX
dc.publication.typeLibro científicoes_MX
dc.publication.magazineCientífica arbitrada indexadaes_MX

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